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Our onlineshop is created to share our

most beautiful discoveries in the field of green beauty & wellbeing with you. Here you will find a handpicked assortment of natural cosmetics, loungewear and little helpers that make your life more beautiful. All  without harming people, animals or our beautiful planet as well. In our shop you can be sure that you will find real organic beauty products 100% natural skin care and more.



Enjoy an individually tailored treatment 

that is as unique as you are.

From a comprehensive range of applications, we create a treatment specially tailored to your needs and preferences every time you visit us...

We use only organic skincare with natural ingredients. 


It's time for wellness & relax

..while soothing tones of singing bowls and the sensual scent of woods, flowers and spices give your body and mind the signal to let go.

while the warm mist of a flower compress gently spreads over your face and let your skin shine.

while concentrated active plant ingredients, extracts and essences unfold their powerful effect for an evenness, smoothness and purity skin.




Natural Make-up

Natural day make-up, natural beauty look with organic make-up

45 min / CHF 65

Private Make-up Session

Your personal make-up advice from  basic skincare to the skilful application of a natural day make-up.

120 min / CHF 155


enjoy our wonderfull cosmetic facials and our shooting and anti-aging face-massages in a delightful ambience.

For the sake of your skin and for our planet we work exclusively with purely natural, very high-quality organic products like purest Swiss natural cosmetics from Namari Skin and qosms.


Skin cleansing, peeling, flower compress, pore cleansing, day care

ca. 30 min / CHF80


Skin cleansing, peeling, flower compress, pore cleansing, detox or nurishing mask, brow plucking, gentle massage, day care

ca. 60min  / CHF 120


Skin cleansing, peeling, blossom compress, eyebrow tweezing, gentle cleansing, soothing mask, décolleté and neck massage, final care.
ca.. 90min / CHF 180


deep relaxing wellness facials with massage

​GLOW Wellness Facial

Detox cleansing peeling mask, energy face massage, flowercompress, head massage, shoulder and neck massage, daycare with serum or beauty balm

75 min / CHF 146


Gentle cleansing, flowercompress, rosequarz face massage, neck & shouldermassage, day care with serum, brush face massage.

60 min / CHF 87

GLOW Facial

organic cleansing, detox-cristall-facemask, flowercompress, headmassage, energy facemassage, neck & shouldermassage, day care with serum.

75 min / CHF 100


Healing wellness massages with organic massage oil, some enriched with real gold and gemstones.

Enjoy a special kind of time-out surrounded by beautiful sounds and a luxurious ambience.


Complete wellbeing manicure, incl. handmassage and nailpolish

60 min / CHF 74



Shortening nails, nailpolish and gentle handcare

30 min / CHF 47


Wellness-Pedicure incl. foothbath, peeling and foothmassage, nailpolish

ca. 75 min / CHF 128


Shortening nails and polishing, small footcare

ca. 45 min / CHF 74


Hair-removing with sugarpaste from Switzerland

- only for woman

1/2 Legs

Whole legs

1/2 arms

Whole arms



Upperlips while Facials

30min.   CHF 60.00

60min.   CHF 110.00

20min.   CHF 40.00

35min.   CHF  70.00

15min.    CHF  40.00

10min.    CHF  35.00

                CHF   10.00


Wellness massages with organic massage oil, some enriched with real gold and gemstones.

Enjoy a special kind of time-out surrounded by beautiful sounds and a luxurious ambience.


Beautifully relaxing massage for stressed neck, shoulder and back muscles. Ideal during lunch break or after work. With organic massage oil, enriched with relaxing scents.

40 min  / CHF 65


This wonderful feel-good massage lets you glide relaxed and rested into autumn. Wonderfully fragrant, warm sesame violet Tonka organic massage oil pampers body and senses. Enjoy a small tea ritual with a warm back pack and then a deeply relaxing and healing energy massage. Very relaxing for the muscles and joints.
60 min / CHF 110

90 min / CHF 146


OM Chakra & Body Massage

Energetic & balancing Body & Charkramassage. With organic oil and with finest healing scents who pamper your body and soul.

60 min / CHF 110.00

90 min  / CHF 146.00

120 min / CHF 220.00


Intensive and deeply relaxing head, neck and face ayurvedic massage, anti-aging massage with gold serum. A healty break for body and mind*

60 min / CHF 119

*your hair will be oily after the treatment, please bring a cap or a headscarf with you.


Padabhyanga Ayurveda Foot Massage
Ayurvedic foot reflex massage for complete relaxation of body and mind. Treat yourself with a wonderful, very beautiful ritual with flower foot bath, foot peeling and foot massage with precious organic massage oil. You will feel the effect of this massage from head to feet.

70 min / CHF 119



Deeply relaxing, meditative shamanic energy work with Reiki in a wonderful atmosphere. This powerful energy treatment gives deep peace while blockages can be solved on all levels. Very healing for physical complaints, psychological stress or stress and nervousness. On request with medial counselling / aural reading.

60min CHF 110.00


Medial consultation (Aura-Reading)
Heart-opening conversations that can give clarity and new vitality. Energetic and at the same time mental support on your way.

60min CHF 110.00

For students and for seniors, qosms offers a 10% discount on all treatments.

Please bring your Student Card or ID with you.

...while healing heart incense and gentle sounds invite body, mind and soul to let go.


...while the world stands still for a while and you glide into the deepness of your soul, you will experience a spiritual world of a special kind.

DIVING into the magical world of qosms

...while healing words and sounds make you float away,
right in the middle of your heart.



Healing wellness massages with organic massage oil, some enriched with real gold and gemstones. Enjoy a special kind of time-out surrounded by beautiful sounds and a luxurious ambience.

Self-Healing Meditation


Discover your inner self-healing power and learn how to work with. Let you fall into a oasis of light and energy where the source rises straight from your heart. A magical ritual that gives body, mind and soul deep relaxation and recovery.

from approx. Nov. 19

  - (Max. 8 persons)  -  Price CHF 29

Registration by email: office@qosms.ch

English Meditaton and Workshops are also

planned. Please write a message to me if you are interessted and on which Workshop. If I have enough persons, I will send you an email with dates.

OpenHeartWorkshop - The way of the open heart   

be HERE, be NOW, be SO

Enjoy a few hours in which your attention is directed to the most important person in your life, to YOU. A few hours in which you learn in a simple way to listen to your heart and experience how inner light and inner beauty feels. You experience what inspiration really means in the form of inner images and intuitive feeling. You literally experience on your own body how it feels when you activate and let your inner self-healing powers flow. We work with playful rituals in which at the same time highest wisdom is hidden. This includes guided meditations, energy work, conversations, a beautiful peaceful atmosphere and a special kind of giveaway.

Discussion rounds are very important for this work, sharing experiences can often be beneficial for others, too. The experience is better internalized and set by talking about it. Of course it is never a must, if you want you can keep silent and enjoy.

from approx. Nov. 19 new Workshops

(Maximum 8 participants)

Price CHF 230
egistration by email to office@qosms.ch

Workshop by Eva

more info about Eva you find here






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