We live in a time in which consumers of conventional beauty products apply 200-500 different synthetic and/or animal substances to their skin every day - many of them are proven to be harmful to health and the environment and for their extraction nature, humans and animals often have to be exhausted. That is why we are committed to making alternatives available that can more than compete with conventional products in terms of efficacy, aesthetics and handling and match our most important criteria:

sustainable                               fair trade                             cruelty free                                                

We focus primarily on niche brands and manufacture some of our products ourselves by hand. Whether private labels or purchased products - we pay attention to performance and aesthetics and always give priority to products with a high content of active ingredients and ingredients from organic cultivation.

Our range focuses on natural beauty, alternative health and deceleration and we have no room for stress, time pressure and pages of to-do lists. Instead there is peace and space to let go, relax, take a deep breath and recharge. Beauty care and wellness form a unit, the purchase of everyday care products becomes a special experience.


Qosms Body & Soul Spa is a place of retreat with an inviting atmosphere, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and everything that should have been done long ago.

A place where body and soul meet to unite again to a harmonious whole.


LEA Schäppi

natural esthetician

EVA Schäppi

massages, energywork

meditation & workshops




qosms Organic Beauty Line. Produced in Switzerland with high quality ingredients. 100% natural and pure nature.